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Thermal and renewable energy generation

Having the Optimization of the energy supply from logistics up to contracts and Exchange transactions as the common base, the modules of ifs product portfolio are ideal for the Power Generation Companies, namely companies wishing to make the most of their assets to compete at their best in a highly competitive, pan-European market with growing risks/opportunities raising from Regulation. In simple terms, the optimization goal can be found in maximizing profits or in minimizing supply and production costs, creating a decision-making system providing the best bidding strategy, while respecting the physical constraints of the power market.

Thanks to a user friendly interface and simplicity of use, ResOpt offers immediate benefits: on the basis of the experience gained in Italy and Germany with more than 30 installations, ResOpt has shown savings up to 7% per year on energy (gas and power) generation, distribution and purchasing costs. The system is constantly upgraded and improved in to meet the needs of rapidly introducing new technologies such as Batteries, or new market opportunities such as Virtual Power Plant and Demand Response.