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The IT technologies mostly used by IFS Factory are:
  • Java EE
  • Angular
  • Php
  • Axis, JAXWS for SOAP Service
  • JBOSS, WildFly, Tomcat
  • ORACLE, MySQL, SqlServer, SQLite, H2 databases
  • Redhat KeyCloak IAM
  • NextCloud filesharing
  • Web crawler application (spider / robot)
  • Spring and SpringBoot Framework
  • ZK Framework
  • ERWin Data Modeler & BPM Modeling
These are platform-independent, robust, safe and efficient technologies and in particular they offer the following tools:
  • Web Application for dynamic web interfaces
  • Enterprise Application to implement the business logic
  • Web Services for applications compliant to the SOA paradigm
  • Web Services using RESTful architecture (also mobile)
  • Managed and secured access and exchange of information in a distributed machine-to-machine and service environment