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Case History

The following are examples of some of the main projects developed by IFS Italia over the years.

HeraComm – ResOpt Project

In September 2010 ifs – together with HeraComm (today HSE) – started the implementation of ResOpt, the BelVis module by Kisters especially designed for the multi commodity optimization of the generation, storage and distribution of power, gas, heat and steam.
The objective of this project was the maximization of the economic result of a portfolio of Cogeneration plants in service on behalf of industrial users within the technical, commercial and regulatory constraints. The introduction of the ResOpt system led HeraComm to a significant ROI as well as to other such as:

  • Standardization of the monitoring and stocktaking activities
  • Automation of the whole process
  • More effective data management
  • Better results in terms of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Better organization and staffing

During the follow up project several other CHP plants have been added in the optimization portfolio, showing the versatility of ResOpt in easily following the business evolution of HSE.

Acquirente Unico – Implementation of BelVis PRA Forecast System

BelVis CaseStudy AU

e.on Italia – Integrated System for Dispatching of Power and Gas

Articolo E.ON